katameya heights villas for sale

Katameya Heights villas for sale By Park City Homes

Egypt land of Pharaoh

is one of the of the most ancient civilization in the world today. Situated in a unique location in the middle of three continents that is Africa, Asia, and Europe the country has many ancient monuments, excellent beaches and many exciting activities one can do. Many travelers have preferred to make their vacations here and in case you would wish to move to Egypt here are the reasons why you should look for an apartment in New Maadi Egypt or to look for villas for sale in Katameya Heights.

Rent in Maadi Cairo Egypt Real Estate

Greener everywhere 

Maadi is home to the supreme court of Egypt, Cairo American College, and Egyptian geological museum. In case you would want to live in a place that can protect your health, and that of your family then you should rent in Maadi , the area has trees everywhere to the point you might think is a jungle in the past life. The presence of trees provides this area with clean and fresh air. 

Katameya heights located in New Cairo 5th installment or what Egyptians call el tagamo el khames is a very nice compound with greenery and plants everywhere even the air smells fresher than inside Cairo


Another reason that can make you settle in Maadi Egypt is that you can get a chance to sail in the traditional sailing boats which are called Felluca.Fellucas are beautiful boats, but when they are lit up with lights that shine so high, they tend to be less comfortable. But Maadi Feluccas are more peaceful in the sense that they use sails instead of a motor. 

District of love 

Maadi is considered as the area of love because here you can find love everywhere. There are flower shops in every corner of this area, and you can also get some private moment with the person you love. Also, the people living here at Maadi are friendly people as you can easily intermingle with them. 

Wallpaper art 

In case you love art and would wish to get a wallpaper art of your liking then be rest assured you can get it here at Maadi.Because Maadi is the only place in Egypt where you can get a wallpaper art made of first edition vinyl. The address where this wallpapers can easily be found is at Morgan and Xerox on road 9.

Haram bacon breakfast 

Maadi also provides you with an opportunity to have your breakfast of Haram bacon, contrary to the beef bacon you are used to. And with many people from different countries living here; you can get most butchers selling bacon, ham, pork, and everything in between for you to take for breakfast. Excited enough check the Maadi real estate company that can get you the best apartments or villas for rent in Maadi at affordable prices

Katameya Heights villas for sale

If you are looking for a place to rent or buy in Cairo then Katameya Heights is your best bet and one of the best places in New Cairo Egypt

The place also is a multicultural area whether a black person an Asian or a white person you will find them all socializing. Thus it is a place where people of different culture, race and countries meet and socialize together. Katameya Heights villas for sale is the best place to live in Egypt

Katameya heights villa for sale

Entertainment spots 

This place has many clubs of entertainment where you can go and enjoy yourself with friends; there are lots of entertainment joints for you to choose for example tipsy teapot, Ace Koriyana, and many others. 

In conclusion, the above are the reasons why you should look for an apartment in New Maadi Egypt,  or looking for a villa for rent in Katameya heights. Then something to note is that Egypt is the most popular holiday destination for families thus when you come to live here you will be much closer to your favorite holiday location.

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